Office Tenant
1 Amy Jensen, Counseling
2 Integrative Medicine Center
3 Integrative Medicine Center
4 Occupied
5 Occupied
6 Cochise
7 Integrative Medicine Center
8 Terri Brumett, CMT
9 LRJ Enterprises, LLC.
10 Grand Junction Wellness Center, LLC and The Synergy Services, LLC
11 JCorp. Online
12 Essentially You
13 Occupied
14 LJ Cooper
15 Pangallo Tax
16 April Cutshall - Leasing Office
17 Matt’s Violin Repair
18 A Little Help
19 New Body Confidence, LLC
20 Jamie LaMont
21 Melanie Wade
22 DC Stop Smoking
Floor Plan

Prices and availability subject to change, offices are rented on a month to month basis. Use our Contact Us form with any inquiries to rent an office today.