Office Tenant
1 Amy Jensen, Counseling
2 Integrative Medicine Center
3 Integrative Medicine Center
4 Integrative Medicine Center
5 Occupied
6 Cochise
7 Integrative Medicine Center
8 Terri Brumett, CMT
9 LRJ Enterprises, LLC.
10 Grand Junction Wellness Center, LLC
11 JCorp. Online
12 Essentially You
13 Total Orthopedics
14 LJ Cooper
15 Pangallo Tax
16 April Cutshall - Leasing Office
17 Matt’s Violin Repair
18 A Little Help
19 New Body Confidence, LLC
20 Jamie LaMont
21 Melanie Wade
22 DC Stop Smoking
Floor Plan

Prices and availability subject to change, offices are rented on a month to month basis. Use our Contact Us form with any inquiries to rent an office today.