About The Office

Everything Included

  • Shared Conference Room
  • Lobby
  • Break Area
  • Rest Rooms
  • Utilities
  • ACS High Speed Internet
  • Janitorial Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a receptionist?

No, there is no receptionist, but there is a waiting area for you to greet guests.

What is the length of the lease?

We offer a month-to-month lease, and an option for multiple offices to accommodate your growing business.

Is there any external sign space available?

We offer signs in the lobby and at your office door, but there is no sign space available for individual offices. Your business name will also be listed on our website directory.

Do any of the offices have water?

There is not water to individual offices, but you have access to a kitchen with water and refrigerator.

Is my deposit my last months rent?

No, your deposit will be returned to you after your keys are returned and your office has been inspected. We do require a 30-day notice to vacate.

How do we start the process of renting an office?

Check out the Directory to see prices and available offices. Then use the Contact Us form or phone number to get the leasing process started with your choice of office.

Photo Gallery

Front Door

Front of The Office

Lobby Seating

Lobby waiting and seating

Conference Room

Conference Room available for use

Office with Window

Open office with outside window

Inside Office

Inside office

Mail Boxes and Deliveries

Mail Boxes and Deliveries



Street Sign

Sign from Paterson on the Street


Directory Board